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Three pals from university were living in Berlin, decided to go in together and rent an old security retail store. They converted it into a little bar to watch football together and share beers with other friends. A musician pal quite randomly proposed a jazz concert. The concert went well and rumor got around that there was a cool new chill spot that put on jazz shows and things just snowballed from there.

Going beyond football, Donau115 became an unusual space to foster culture without specifically trying to be something else other than what it was growing to be naturally. The small location evolved quite organically to be a casual but explicit home for creativity, for cultural exchange and communication with a strong affinity for Jazz and experimental music.

Donau115 is located in a very multi-cultural Kiez of Berlin-Neukölln - a part of the city which is signed by numerous little businesses and a large Arab-speaking expatriate community. Succumb to this special urban charm, this bar gathers many musicians of a very high musical calibre who are not only from Germany, but from all over the world.

Nowadays, the former retail store has settled as a place for cultural expeditions offering an atmosphere in which ideas are able to blossom. There, musicians can find a platform to develop themselves and try out something new. Simultaneously, it also provides an audience which is curious for the surprises that might come along on these experimental tours. In the end, it is this quality of transformation what is essential for Donau115 and its jovial Jazz weirdos.

© Donau 155


Donaustr. 115
12043 Berlin



Tuesday - Saturday 19:30 - +3.00



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Donau115 GbR
Donaustr. 115
12043 Berlin

Telefon: +49 01791809168



Olivia Pohlenz





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