© Milo Profi
© Milo Profi

This ten-day during jazz festival has been running every year since 2002. It started out as Blue Note Festival, became the Blue Note Records Festival a few years later and now goes by the name of Gent Jazz. You’ll find avant-garde artists, alongside mainstream international jazz artists. Since its first edition in 2001, when it was called Blue Note Festival the festival became loved among a gread deal of people as it welcomes over 35.000 people each year.

© Milo Profi
© Milo Profi
© Milo Profi


9. - 19.7.2020


Gent Jazz
c/o Jazz en Muziek vzw
Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 50
9000 Gent



Gaëlle Vanhaverbeke
Communicatie & Marketing
Jazz en Muziek vzw
Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat 50
9000 Gent
T +32 (0) 9 324 45 30  


Beware of ticket offers via fraudulent websites, second hand sites and social media! Only buy tickets via gentjazz.com. This is to only way to guarantee the authenticity of tickets and avoid exorbitant prices!

Festival tickets
Order your tickets for Gent Jazz 2020 via our online ticket counter.

Hospitality and VIP
Gain VIP access to Gent Jazz. Contact sales@gentjazz.com for more information.


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