© Hot Club de Lyon_Maria Klinaki


© Hot Club de Lyon_Maria Klinaki

The oldest jazz club in France was created in 1948 by Raoul Bruckert, Henri Devay and Henri Gautier. Located in the heart of Lyon, this nonprofit association promotes live jazz music of all kinds and holds numerous concerts every week, from September to June. Hot Club of Lyon is also a springboard for young and promising musicians from local conservatories and music schools. With the arrival of a new crew in 2018, the club offers a rich artistic program and contributes greatly to the cultural life of the city. In order to revitalize and democratize jazz music, the staff members of Hot Club of Lyon are developing new projects, such as actions of cultural mediation, masterclasses and accompaniment of artistic productions. The club has also decided to undertake a renovation program to modernize its facilities.

Hot Club of Lyon holds around 160 concerts per year and organizes an annual festival which takes place in April. For this season, the club is honored to host several rising stars (Alexander Claffy, Hetty Kate, Luigi Grasso…) and some heavyweight of the modern age (Jeremy Pelt, Ari Hoenig, Pierre de Bethmann, Leon Parker…). This basement jazz venue is the kind of place you definitely need to discover if you visit Lyon ! 

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Hot Club de Lyon
26 rue Lanterne
Lyon 1er




Wednesday – Saturday from 20:30 - +1:00
Jam sessions Thursday and Friday from 22:30 (free entry), after the concert





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Hot Club de Lyon
26 rue Lanterne
Lyon 1er

Tél. : +33 4 78 39 54 74
e-mail :


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