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Oxana Voytenko

Oxana Voytenko Quartett - Amber Light

Oxana Voytenko presents her powerful voice, binding poetic color to her rhythms, as they groove into lyrics that will touch your heart. She first became interested in music at the age of 9, taking vocal lessons, which resulted in the development of her startling 3,5 octave range. She also received classical guitar training at an early age and by the time she was a teenager, had started taking part in various local and international concerts, festivals and competitions.

In 2010 she enrolled in the Academy of Music in Hanover, Germany, where she has been sharpening her musical abilities in singing, improvising, composing and arranging under the guidance of Romy Camerun with heavy influence from Tino Derado, Herbert Hellhund and Raphael Thöne.

During this period of time Oxana recieved the scholarship from Berklee school of music for the program ''Performance'', took part in master classes and workshops with great musicians such as John Taylor, Ack van Rooyen, Jiggs Whigham, Florian Weber, Diana Torto, Peter Eldridge, Theo Bleckmann, Fred Hirsch, Efrat Alony, Michael Schiefel, John Patitucci, Brian Blade, Lee Konitz, Dave Liebmann, Steve Lehman, Joakim Milder, Jason Moran and many others.

As a Berklee School of Music scholarship-recipient, she founded ''Oxana Voytenko quartet'' in 2011, for which she composed music and directed arrangements of jazz standards and modern compositions. Upon completion of her studies at the Hannover University of Music, Drama and Media in 2014, she has continued to pursue her Masters degree,  a Master of Music in Jazz Studies.

2018 Oxana released her debut album AMBER LIGHT with original compositions supported by the release-tour in Europe and Russia.

''Even in times of total globalization, we are strangely put off by a jazz singer who doesn’t sing in English. The Russian, Oxana Voytenko sings two of the nine songs on her debut album in her native tongue, but even so, her softly shaded vocals are still so persuasive. Voytenko authored many of the songs herself, and her backing trio is led by renowned pianist Vadim Neselovsky.'' JAZZTHING

''Carrying her home in her heart, and in search of new worlds: Oxana Voytenko intertwines Russian tradition and western modernity with her debut album “Amber Light”. The charming singer doesn’t allow this to limit her, still meandering appreciatively through diverse styles all the while bringing an exceptional light into jazz music.'' JAZZTHETIK

''The album challenges you - lurking behind many a light-footed fancy are quite a few avant-garde elements. Admittedly, the native Russian – who by way of New York has found a new home in Hanover – Voytenko’s songs have clear structures, yet are just a stone’s throw from being improvisation. Two of the otherwise English-lyric jazz songs are in Russian, which manifests itself in a particular depth and intensity.'' SCHALL MUSIK MAGAZIN

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Oxana Voytenko Quartet
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Oxana Voytenko Quartet - Amber Light

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Oxana Voytenko Quartet - Amber Light 
feat. Vadim Neselovskyi, Christian Finger, Alex Morsey
(2018, Oxana Music/ Galileo Music)

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