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The Jazz à Vienne Festival has been celebrating the world of jazz for the first fortnight in July since Jean-Paul Boutellier founded it in 1981. The festival has become an institution attracting novices and enthusiasts alike to get together and experience the magic of this musical genre. With its variety of concerts, different stages, exhibitions and art fusion encounters, the festival is eclectic and opulent. The festival is vast yet intimate in its honest celebration of jazz. Every year over 200,000 festivalgoers flock to see 1000 artists appear on 4 stages. The Roman Theatre, built in 1AD, is Jazz à Vienne’s signature stage. Its unique acoustics imbued with history create an amazing setting for audiences and the world-renowned artists performing here. The festival is a real blend of the past and present injected with honest music that is diverse and for everyone. 

Jazz à Vienne means jazz from noon right through the night. 200 of the 250 concerts are free and hosted at the Cybèle stages or after the concerts at JazzMix or Club de Minuit. The schedule provides free entry to countless events: the young audience concert for 6000 local children, Académie Jazz à Vienne performances, Caravan’Jazz, RéZZo FOCAL competition, musical lectures, film screenings, concerts at the Musée de Saint-Romain-en-Gal and live music on Vienne’s café and restaurant terraces. Jazz à Vienne means jazz anytime, anywhere for anyone. Jazz à Vienne is also all year round. The season’s schedule takes the festival throughout the region from September to June. As a cultural figure, the festival works alongside countless projects in collaboration with cultural bodies in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region. Overseas Jazz à Vienne is building ever-stronger bonds with prestigious international partners including Festi Jazz de Rimouski (Québec), Tokyo Jazz Festival (Japan), Sampa Jazz (Brazil) and X Jazz Festival (Germany). 


Ambiance @ Jazz Ö Vienne - Renaud Alouche
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25.6. - 11.7.2020


Jazz à Vienne
21 rue des Célestes
38200 Vienne


TEl.: (+33) 04 74 78 87 87



Claire Gaillard


TEl.: +33 6 48 09 97 69




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